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Best Wedding Anchor, Sangeet and Event Anchor / Emcee in Udaipur 

Tejas is a Blogger, Dancer, engineer by chance and an Anchor by Choice. If you are looking for a perfect wedding anchor in Udaipur who can make your wedding celebrations memorable then he is just a call away. He has experience of handling flawless wedding events, whether it is Ladies sangeet, Mehndi, or haldi event. Now your search for event anchor in Udaipur ends here, because Tejas is here to make your event entertaining and at the same time memorable. he in one of the best emcee in udaipur. see More details about him below.

Good Wedding Anchor = Great Event

Types of events that he specializes in

Ladies sangeet

Best night of wedding event

Ladies sangeet is his forte. He is a dancer himself so he understands the importance of this ceremony. Ladies sangeet is the most memorable event in any wedding. If you are looking for a perfect entertainer and host in Udaipur for ladies sangeet who can arrest your audience with charm then you can contact tejas sahu.

Wedding Reception

main Event

Receptions are also one of the big events in wedding. To make the wedding reception entertaining you can hire wedding reception anchor in Udaipur. tejas specializes in handling wedding events very smoothly. he is the best wedding anchor out there. Wedding events also include mehandi, haldi ceremony and bonding games. You will need an experienced Udaipur anchor who can handle these events flawlessly. Tejas also specializes in handling destination wedding hosting and anchoring in Udaipur.

Corporate Events

Professional event

Besides Wedding event anchoring. Tejas also hosts corporate events and summits easily, he will be a great choice for you as an anchor in Udaipur, who will host your event with ease and charm across the audience. he is the best emcee in udaipur you can get.

His skills as event host and wedding anchor

udaipur anchor for ladies sangeet

Multi Lingual

Tejas can speak English, Hindi and other regional languages. He can connect with any kind of Event audience in udaipur. whether it is a college event, corporate event or wedding event. Tejas can connect with every kind of audience easily. he is the best wedding anchor out there.

he is the best emcee, compere and wedding anchor in udaipur.


He is a very talented dancer, so it adds an extra star on his shoulder. With hosting an event or doing the anchoring in udaipur events he can entertain his audience with his dancing. He is the best emcee and compere in udaipur. whether you are searching for anchor for your events like dandiya or dj nights he is the best choice for event udaipur event anchor.

udaipur event anchor
event host in udaipur


He is the best entertainer you will get in Udaipur for your wedding and any other event. He is experienced entertainer with every kind of audience, whether it is small or big, He can make his audience laugh to the fullest with his witty anchoring and comic timing in Udaipur. so what are you waiting for now, he is just a phone call away from anchoring your awesome event.

  He do event hosting and wedding anchor work just for fun and for meeting new people

Check with him if he is free for your next event. 

"Even if you don't have budget to hire Wedding anchor,

Contact tejas, he will find out best possible solution for you, He loves doing this work so he can sometime work for lower price. You can pay whatever you want according to your choice."

What It Takes to Hire a wedding anchor in India?

Locations Where tejas operates as wedding anchor in india?

"Tejas operates as anchor for ladies sangeet and wedding anchor in udaipur and nearby areas like nathwara, shrinathji, rajsamand and other parts of Rajasthan. He is open to work in any part of india as anchor and wedding host."

Contact him now to hire him as a wedding anchor for your next ladies sangeet , or your corporate events

contact him Now

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