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My Awesome visit to IIM Udaipiur Audacity 2k19 Fest

Audacity is the annual fest of IIM udaipur. this is among the top management institutes of udaipur. every year IIM celebrates its inter college cultural fest which is known by the name of Audacity. Lets get away from defination. every year I visit this fest to have some fun with my friends.

for the record I am very good dancer, and every year i participate in various dance activities in various colleges. I am fond of dancing and I never miss a chance to dance. but mostly I love the Barati dance.

IIM hosts a number of competition ranging from Literary to Cultural.

the following competitions are organised at IIM Udaipur Audacity:-

  • Foot loose
  • Hiphop competition
  • singing
  • pub quiz (which is a bollywood quiz)
  • treasure hunt
  • and many other activities

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So what I did in Audacity

Audacity fest
annual fest of IIM udaipur

this year I was not in the mood of participating in dance competition but I was so up for a good DJ night. luckily this year zephyrtone came around, you all know how good they are!

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udaipur college festival

as soon as i heard that they are coming I went to IIM udaipur with a bunch of my friends and bought passes for the EDM night.

this was the just starting, as soon as we entered the campus we got some of our female friends join us.

then we danced with our creepy and cringy steps that no one liked, but who cares, this was all that i needed from a good EDM night of Audacity udaipur. this day was just awesome. we danced till 11pm after that we went back to our hostels.

overall it was a great experience attending the Audacity udaipur 2k19.

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