How to become your own Boss right after the College

Are you in college and looking for your calling? Are you sure that you don’t want to be anybody’s slave? If answers to these questions is yes then you are on the path of becoming your own boss. You have every trait of becoming successful and at the same time become your own boss.

Almost every student in the college studies hard to get a good job. He never thinks about his purpose in life. What will make him truly happy, how he can fulfil his destiny and live his dream life. If you are one of the those nerdy student who are trying to find job then you are doing something wrong.

Money is the primary issue in student’s life. He studies to get good job so that he can make money. Now if I can show you the way in which you can do the work you love and at the same time be financially and personally free to do anything.

Today this article is all about showing you the way about becoming your own boss. In today’s world nothing is impossible, you just have to wish and work for it.


How you can become your own boss – a definitive guide

Below I am mentioning some definite ways, following them you can find your goal and become your own boss right after the college.

1.      Do the work you love professionally

Here I am not going to tell you about how you can find the work you love, that is the topic for another day. You are in your college and looking to cash out on your passion. You can be singer, dancer, blogger, you tuber, poet or any other artist.

Now what comes next is that how you can cash on your passion?

The answer to this question is simple.

Start by teaching others, then referrals will come in. Do social media marketing and bring in more clients and scale.

Here you have to remember that following passion is not enough, you should be able to cash out on your passion.

2.      Get into entrepreneurship

Do you have some revolutionary idea that can change the life of many people, can you solve some problem which can benefit others. If the answer to this question is yes then you need to get into entrepreneurship. Because entrepreneurship gives you the chance to become you own boss. You will be a leader in a change, are you pumped by this then you can read my guide on how to start entrepreneurship in college.

I started my entrepreneurship in college and now I am successful

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business to be boss

3.      Start your own business

Do you have some business plan that you wanted to execute from a long time. Then after college is the best time to start your venture. Don’t confuse between entrepreneurship and business, both are different. Business doesn’t require any innovation. It is pre planned, doing business you can be filthy rich and become your own boss. However business requires much investment but it is another day’s topic. Some business are bootstrapped with little investment.

4.      Set up your shop and office

Now if you are in a business that requires office and shops then set them up. They will be your workplace from where you can operate. Service businesses requires office while product based business require shops. Now when you set up these you become your own boss. Shops can be extremely profitable if you can run them in a right way with a right product. Now offices can be fruitful if your services are awesome and people love them. Whether you set up office or shops you will be your own boss. You don’t have to answer to anyone and ultimately you can grow.

5.      Take a franchise of established business

Now if you are not following any of the above tasks then you have last option which requires little investment but they can be truly profitable. I am talking about taking franchise of established business in your area. Already established brands  who are looking to expand their business give franchises at some initial investment or contract basis. You can set up franchise of shoe, clothes, perfumes or food. They are extremely popular and can give you huge profit. By doing this you will be financially free and be your own boss. After college you can take some investment and open your franchise store and become successful.

So guys! This is my short guide on how to become your own boss after your college.  If you like it comment down below and tell me which choice you are making to be your own boss

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