Why I had to cancel Goa trip – and my terrible experience with

Going to Goa in college days is everyone’s dream. What could be better than going with friends?  Yes this feburary 2019 we decided to go on a college trip to Goa with friends. Me and my friends Naman and Krishna planned for a Goa trip on 18th feburary 2019. To our surprise this Goa trip has been cancelled . This is an interesting story that you would like to read about how i cancel goa trip.

cancel goa trip

Planning of trip

We planned this trip on 4th of February and everyone was excited about Goa, now around 8th feb we booked tickets for everything, which includes hotel and railway tickets upto Goa Karmali station.

Let me break down expenses for advance booking:-

  • 3596 rupees for hotel booking. I paid advance amount through and we booked a home stay named Old house Goa home stay in Mapusa, Guirim. This was my biggest mistake which I am going to tell you in next section.
  • We booked train and bus tickets upto Goa which cost us around 3600Rs
  • Now in return I had some family function at home so I had to book flight tickets from Goa to ahmedabad.
  • This train ticket cost me around 4000 rs.
  • So we have paid 11000 rs advance in total ( and unfortunately our trip to Goa is cancelled)

udaipur itinerary for 2 days

Reasons for cancelling the trip

  • Naman has to go for a Smart india hackathon which is organised every year by Indian government. After coming from Goa he would have only 2 days to prepare so he cancelled.
  • Another friend Krishna had no reason to cancel but he cancelled because naman cancelled the trip.
  • Now only I was left and I decided to go Goa on a solo trip to Goa on the same bookings. But how my solo trip to Goa is cancelled you will read in next section.

My Reason to cancel Goa trip (solo trip plan for Goa)

Now after my friends backed out from the trip I was left with hotel, train and flight booking so I had to go anyway. Now I decided to give a try to cancel the hotel booking. So I contacted the property owner directly without getting assistance from

  • It was a non refundable booking but got to try my luck once
  • I contacted property owner and ask if he could refund some amount as there are many days left.
  • I was looking for a refund of at least half the amount
  • He told me so complex process that it got over my head.
  • Now I annoyed him with lot of questions
  • He got offended
  • And he cancelled my request of refund.
  • Then I decided I had to go to the property and stay there at old house home stay Goa
  • But to my surprise property owner was super annoyed with my questions and he told me that I am not welcomed at his property
  • He told me that he will not allow me to enter his property.
  • Then I again asked for refund because he was not going to let me stay at property.
  • Now He totally denied refund and also denied me to enter his property.
  • The owner’s behaviour was totally rude and driven by anger so I felt unsafe about staying there. After all how can one stay at such property which has no professional behaviour.
  • There was some mistake of mine also, I should have taken assistance of for cancellation of that house.
  • I contacted for support over old house home stay Goa.
  • talked to owner and confirmed my booking.
  • But till then I was super annoyed and frightened to go there all by myself. It was risky to live there.
  • So I cancelled the property and I am not going there.
  • Now I also cancelled the Goa trip on my own.
  • I also lost 3000rs in flight cancellations.

This was the worst planning for any of my travel and the most sad experience till now. Finally I had to cancel Goa trip.

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