How to be Happy Everyday – 10 proven ways to become happy

how to be happy
how to be happy everyday?

The biggest question asked by youth is – how to be happy in life? It is a matter of concern that a large number of people ask this question. People are always searching for ways to be happy. The ultimate purpose of our life is to be happy. Who doesn’t want to be happy? If you ask this question of anyone, their answer will be yes.

If everyone wants to be happy then where are we going right now? Youth is constantly getting in the depth of depression and anxiety which is unfit for nation and their personal lives. So how you can make your life more enriching and happier?

Remember this:

“Happiness is always a choice”

You can decide to be happy whenever you want. But there are some ways by which you can achieve happiness in your daily life.

10 proven ways on How to be happy everyday in life

This are my personal ways which i follow to get happiness every day, you can follow these to get more happiness out of your life

1.      Savour every moment

You should learn to savour every moment in your life. You need to know that every moment you are living is never going to come back. You should be grateful for having this time. You should learn the art of praising every good thing you have. Happiness is a choice that we make at every moment of our life. to live a more prosperous life you should praise every moment of your time. This will give you happiness throughout the day.

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2.      Worry less

What happens when you worry more?

The answer is that you rob yourself of your precious time in which you could achieve something or be happy. Don’t get robbed of your happiness.

” Human always gets sad by thinking about future, he never gets upset in present

When we think more and more, it becomes worry, it leads to anxiety and ultimately it takes our happiness away.  So what should we do to be more happy everyday? The answer is simple, you should worry less and live in the present. I have written a guide on how to worry less. You should read it.

3.      Live in present

This is the most important for getting happy in life. we have seen many people who get lost in thinking too much about past or future. They always worries, what will happen then and now. In this struggle they get robbed of their happiness. Those people who cannot live in present are not eligible to be happy.

Remember those you cherish every moment and live in the present are the most happiest. Future and past always creates anxiety. So cherish every moment of your life, problems are temporary they will eventually go away if you remain happy and face them.

4.      Make Peace with your past

In past everyone makes mistakes, which leads him to current situation, now we cannot change past whatever happens.

Even if you sell all the wealth of the world, you cannot get your past back. So make peace with your past and live in present. Prepare and work in your present so that your upcoming life will be fulfilling.

If you are doing so then believe me no one can stop you from being happy.

5.      Set daily goals and achieve them

Now the next way in which you can be happy is by achieving your goal. It is an important point in my how to be happy guide. Don’t think about long term goal. Instead divide it in daily goals, the daily work that will lead you to ultimate goal.

Now start achieving these daily goals with happiness. On completing your everyday task you will be very happy.

The sense of achievement is what makes us happy. So why strive for long term achievements if we can achieve daily goals and be happy. These daily goals can lead us to our ultimate goal and happiness.

6.      Make others happy/ help someone

become happy everyday

Our life is not made just to achieve success. It is meant to help someone in need with that success. If you are successful then you should help at least one person with your knowledge. This will bring you a sense of joy in you. Your whole day will pass with a sense of humanity and happiness. This is the best way to be happy in life.

On daily basis you can help someone, even if it little help, this will bring change in your life. You don’t have to go out of league to help someone. You can help someone with the means that you have. this is the key to be happy everyday.

“Contribution to the society brings fulfilment and happiness to life”

7.      Give some time to family and friends

Family and friends are the special gift. They are there whenever you need them. You should take time to strengthen your relationships with you family and friends. It does not require much effort. It just require 10 minutes of heart to heart talk with family and friends. They will give you sense of happiness everyday in life.

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8.      Be physically and mentally fit

A good life is a result of happiness. You can be happy every day if you take good care of your mind and your body. You should nourish your body and mind to be fit every day. You can join Gym or do yoga and running to stay physically fit. While you can do meditation to remain mentally fit. When you do this on regular basis you will feel good, ultimately good mind and body leads to the joy in one’s life

9.      Quit or limit social media

When we worry about what people think about us then we slowly drift away from happiness. Using social media on regular basis can make us unhappy. Scientific research has shown that, to be happy there is a simple yet hard way.

Just quit social media

it is hard but you need to do that in order to achieve happiness that you need madly.

10. Be yourself

Let me ask you, with whom you are comfortable with? Answer is obvious  you are most comfortable with yourself only.

Now suppose if you are trying to be pretend like someone else then you lost yourself. Losing yourself means you don’t love yourself. If you don’t love yourself then you can be happy.

So to be happy, you should be yourself. People’s opinion means nothing. Because it is your life and you have to live it.

“Happiness is a choice and you got to make it”

By following the above mentioned ways you can be happy in your life.

If you like this guide on how to be happy everyday then comment below.


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  1. Hello Tejas,

    Thanks for your awesome post. Point 3 worked for me perfectly. It helped me to get out of my past and be happy in the present.

    Syema Ayesha

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