Troubled with selfish people? – 4 effective Methods to deal with them

Now this is an interesting topic to talk about. Everyone has someone special or some people they know who are selfish. Now today’s article is about how to deal with selfish people. We encounter with such people at every point in our life.

Who exactly can be termed as selfish?

Let me clear it for you, according to me a person who is so self centred that he doesn’t care about the outcome over other people. He always tries to get his demands fulfilled he doesn’t care what will happen to other people. Whether it is money or any kind of opportunity he wants it first, even if he has to hurt his friend.

Let’s take Steve – Steve goes out with his friend, his friend buys a taco, three tacos for two person, now what steve do is that he takes 2 taco for himself and 1 for his friend.

“Selfishness is a mixture of greed and self profit mentality.”

How to deal with selfish people – my 4 kickass method

Follow these tips to combat with selfish friends, family, and other people

1.      Be More selfish then him/her

It sounds crazy but it has worked for me. Whenever your friend tries to get your attention over some matter, ask him to listen to your problem first and provide solution. If he is asking for money, tell him if he can lend some to you? If the answer is no then mission accomplished. He will not crave for your attention anymore.

Next time whenever he wants your attention then he will come prepared to provide you some help first.

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2.      Kick them out of your life – best way to deal with selfish people

If selfish friends are pestering you too much, if they are making no sense in your life then you have to follow the hard way.

You know what I mean!

Yes you have show them way out of your life. Stop making any contact with them. Cut selfish people totally out of your life. I know it is difficult to do, but what it means to get sucked by these parasites. Now you have limited energy in a day and you should not waste your time and energy on such people.

3.      Make peace with them

Now you know your friend is a selfish dude, but you love him and you can’t cut him out of your life, then what? The easy solution is to make peace with their trait. You have to accept that they are selfish and needy. Now if you do so it will be easy for you to estimate how much energy you want to invest in him.

I have some best buddies who are selfish but i need them for some emotional support. You also need to make peace with such people.

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4.      Learn about their selfish nature

Now there are many type of selfishness, sometimes all people want is profit due to their relationships, this is a toxic selfishness, while at some time people have selfish tendencies about some selective things like food, space, emotions and money and success. The second one is a healthy selfishness. You can have that one in your life.

Now you are clear what i mean. In this guide on how to deal with selfish people this is my closing point. Now its up to you, how you get rid of selfishness out of your friend or you get them out of your life.

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