6 Mind Blowing Methods on how to wake up early

If you ask me about the one question someone has asked me thousand times, then I would answer it as How to wake up early in the morning.

I would like to tell you that I get up extremely early in the morning. Can you guess the time?


Let me answer this for you. “I wake up at 5am.

 Sounds crazy?

Now if I suggest you that you can also do the same then?

Seems interesting!

Yes fellow people you can also do the same. You can also achieve your dream of waking up early in the morning at 5 am.

In this article I am going to Show you some ways by which you can also achieve your long lost goal of waking up in the morning.

“Remember all the tips that I share here on this blog are personally tested by me”

I am sure if you follow my methods which I am going to show you then you can also get up early.

Getting up in the morning early has many benefits. You remain active, feel energetic, you have enough time for physical workout, you can meditate and also go for a walk, you can prepare journals and also write tasks for the day.

How to wake up early in the morning – My 6 personal Ninja Techniques

These are my personal tested methods to wake up early in the morning. If you follow these methods then you can surely get up early in the morning

1.      To wake up Early Sleep Early

If you ask me how to wake up on time then my first suggestion to would be like – sleep early to get up early. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to sleep at around 8 Pm, never ever do this kind of funny s***. Now coming to the point, I would like to suggest you that you sleep around 10 AM so that you can wake up at 4 am. 6 hours of sound sleep is enough for an average person. Super humans need much less sleep. If you are batman then I would suggest you to sleep only 2 hours!

You can adjust your sleep according to your waking time. Like if you want to get up at 5 am then sleep at 11 AM. Now you got me.

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2.      Have a clear motivation of getting up in the morning

This is the most important point for meeting your goals. Are you a determined person who achieve his goal at any cost? Believe me you will require such an attitude to wake up at 4 am. You should have a sheer will to achieve your goal.

Now if you can achieve this goal then I am sure you can achieve anything in your entire life. If you don’t even have control on your own life then how can you imagine to have control on your goals.

To get up in the morning have a clear mindset. Remember these point to wake up:

  • As alarm sounds get up within 5 seconds
  • Jump out of the bed
  • Make your bed immediately
  • Go to washroom and wash your face
  • Goal achieved, congrats

3.      Never Snooze your Alarm

Just imagine the situation. your alarm goes off at 4 am and you snooze it. next thing you remember is waking up at 8 AM. Just imagine how bad you will feel, your entire day will pass with a guilt of not doing yoga, meditation, journaling, and tasking.

To be free from this guilt of not waking up early I would suggest you not to snooze your alarm ever. As soon as alarm goes off you should be out of your bed within 5 seconds.

This tip works like a charm. This is a good method in my how to wake up early guide.

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4.      Adopt a system of slow progress

If you get up at 8 am daily then you can’t get up right next day at 4 am. I have a good method for this to wake you up, every day you can decrease your alarm time by 15 minutes or 30 minutes.  You can try to wake up at these alarmed times. Eventually you will be waking up at 4 am within 10-15 days. This is a slow but most effective method for me. Getting up early was never easy for me but I achieved it with these tips.

5.      Create A positive pressure

As the book “the monk who sold his Ferrari.” Says you should always create positive pressure in order achieve your goals. According to robin Sharma, author of the monk who sold his Ferrari, it is important to create a positive pressure on yourself to achieve your goals.

Now what do we mean by positive pressure here. It means creating a pressure in positive direction to achieve our goals. Now you can apply this positive pressure by announcing to your friends that you are going to achieve this and that goal. You can also make vow to yourself to wake up early or to wake up on time.

This positive pressure can help you a lot for getting up in the morning.

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6.      Be clear on your objectives after waking up

This in an important tip for waking up. You should have clear objective about what you want to achieve after waking up. It may be good physical or mental health, more spiritual practice, or planning your tasks. Whatever your objective is, make sure to remember it at the time of sleeping so that you can wake up early.

After waking up in the morning my favourite routine is:

  • Getting fresh
  • Going for Running
  • Gym
  • Meditation
  • Healthy breakfast (oats, spinach, milk, and typical home made food)
  • Taking time to plan my day

You can set your routine according to your needs.

Remember every great person either sleep at 4 am or wake up at 4 am .

This is the time when legends are created” now you have to decide what you want to be.

So this is my guide on how to wake up early morning around 4 am. If you can adopt this methods then you can surely get up on time in morning.

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