How to worry less? How to get rid of worrying Habit

how to worry less

Hello guys! I am glad that you are coming regularly on this blog. Our topic of the day is about how to worry less. Today’s youth is suffering from a huge depression and stress problems. Now I would like to ask you, what causes these problems? The answer is pretty simple, that is worrying more and more. Actually worrying too much is the root of every problem in once life. Today I am going to show you about reducing your worry or worry less. Here I am going to discuss some highly effective methods that I follow in daily life to make me worry minimum. so let’s get into how to worry less.

In the below article there are my some personal tips that are going to change your life if you follow them regularly. Here i will discuss five effective methods that will help to improve your quality of life.

Let’s first discuss

What Causes too much worry?

I will try to answer this question with my personal experience. Actually when a person forgets to live in present and he thinks about past problem or upcoming future events then this causes him to cut from his present life. Now this can lead you to over thinking and when you over think about something it turns into worry, which in turn causes stress and depression. So worry less for quality life.

5 effective methods about how to worry less

Here are those 5 methods for starting less worry habit.

1.      Change your thinking about thoughts

There is a important data i would like to share with you. It is like this – when we worry about something in a day 96% of these worry is useless. It means that events are never ever going to happen. Out of the remaining portion only 8% events that you think about will occur in actual life.

It means that worrying is nothing, it is just an extra burden over yourself. It drags you down to your lowest self and eventually kill with depression. Next time whenever you think too much,  remember this data and keep yourself cool.

Actually the events that you are worrying about are never going to happen to get chill.

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2.      Live in present

This is an important tip in how to worry less. Remember to Always praise the present, it is the only time that we have in our life. Past is gone and future is yet to arrive. Thinking about both will make your life miserable. Make peace with your past and never think about future. Just set goals for the future and keep your work in present.

Now this is difficult to perform. I have a simple method to achieve less worry and living more in the present. Whenever you think about future or past events, immediately pull your brain out of there and focus it on present event. It will be hard to do sometime. But as you will practice it will become easy. You can have chanting beads for these as suggested in the “monk who sold his Ferrari”. Whenever you think about future and past pull one bead out of the chain and put is somewhere so that you can know how many times your mind got diverted.

worry less live more
5 steps to worry less

3.      Adopt a worry time

If you can’t give up your worry suddenly then i have another way to reduce your worry habits and improve your higher self. What you can do it that you can make a worry time in a day or a week. Worry time will be a time schedule when you can worry as much as you want. But don’t worry about unnecessary things in this time. Worry about what is important. And also remember whenever you are not in worry time then you must not worry about anything and live in the present. This practice will eventually reduce your worry.

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4.      Meditation

This method is my personal favourite. You can adopt this method in your daily life to improve the quality of your life. You can perform meditation after you wake up or during anytime of the day. Meditation helps to relieve the stress that is build up during whole day. This stress can lead you to more worrying. Now when you practice meditation your stress is relieved and worry suddenly goes away.

5.      Work Your Ass Off

“Why worry if you can do something about it and why worry if you can’t do anything about it”

This is a famous proverb which I remember every day. Now my next tip for worry is pretty simple and everyone can relate to it. it is about working, yes! You got it right. Working always reduces worry and stress. Whatever goal you have set in your mind work your ass off towards achieving it. if you don’t work and only think then it will lead you to disappointment and  it will lead you towards worrying which will eventually leads you to depression and misery. So now my point is clear, even if you don’t have goal, do perform your daily duties because they will give you a sense of accomplishment and pride. This achievements will lead you to more extensive goal.

So after applying these methods you will definitely worry less. For better result perform these activities over the course of 21 days and you will see mind blowing results.

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