Why Money should not be your first Priority in business

Now this topic seems interesting. You are here because you want to know how money can affect your work and personal life. There are lot of individuals who are putting money first before their work ethics and business process. This leads them to constant failure, making money your prime objective while starting your business will eventually lead individual to failures. There is a friendly advice from me – never make money your first priority in business and entrepreneurship. You should not chase money in business.

chasing money gives you none

I have seen people and businesses crumbling, just because of their shift to monetary benefits first.

Let me show you what individuals do – Andrew has a great idea, he wants to develop this idea to help people. Now Andrew starts his venture and succeeds both monetary and personally.

Now there is another person Steve who watches Andrew succeeding and he also plunges in the business with the sole objective to make money, money is his primary goal. Now what happens next? I don’t have to tell. He fails miserably.

What is the moral of this short story?

Never chase money, it will make you miserable instead develop a great product which can really provide some value. And then money will follow eventually.

This is why money should not be your first priority

Money should never be your first priority in business and entrepreneurship and I am going to show you why you should not chase money in business.

1.      Chasing money makes you miserable

When money is the primary objective in business, it makes individuals vulnerable and miserable. Let me show you how this misery comes. When you think too much about money then your goal is to make money by hook or crook. When there is even a single day passes without making money, people start doubting themselves. This doubt leads to worry and which can lead to misery. This is why money should not be your first priority in business. Fortune will come somehow if you truly dedicated towards your cause. Only the authenticity in your business can lead you to success. Chasing money is a sure way to failure.

2.      Money chase makes your Product terrible

Everyone can relate to this point, when a person focus too much on money then he always thinks of way to make more money from his product. Now in order to make more money he will increase prices of the product, or he will decrease the quality of it. both the cases are dangerous.

At higher prices customer can get better product than him and if he decreases quality then also no one will buy because competitors can offer better product at the same price.

Making money first priority can make the product terrible, and eventually you will fail if you are after monetary benefits.

3.      Satisfaction of work goes away

When entrepreneurs offer good product at affordable price then they can make money and be happy. It gives them sense of accomplishment as people are happy with their services and you are making change in the society. Now imagine the opposite case, you have a product that stinks and you charge too much, what will happen? you can fool customer to buy your service or product now. But he is never coming back in the long run. Moreover your satisfaction to work goes away.

Satisfaction should be the prime goal of an entrepreneur. If you are not satisfy then what is the meaning of work.  Now you are clear about why you should never chase money in business? Making money your first priority will make your miserable, failure and worried. So adopt good work ethics today to lead a prosperous life.

I hope you get me now.

My articles are short because they are free of any bullshit and diplomacy.

I will be back with more solid content soon

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