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If you are reading this post then you must be a very big fan of rajasthani food or you are a traveller who is looking to enjoy best rajasthani food in Udaipur, if you are in Udaipur and you haven’t tasted rajasthani food yet then you are in a bad luck. The taste of Udaipur food is just mind blowing, provided if you know correct spot for food in Udaipur. Today I will be telling you the best places to eat in Udaipur where you can enjoy authentic rajasthani meals.

Here I will be mentioning 5 top restaurants in Udaipur who serves best food of rajasthan. Basically the famous rajasthani food includes Dal Bati, Sev tamatar, Bhindi Masala, Chach and Bajra roti. If you are in luck then you can find all these things at single place.

Best places to eat in Udaipur – Where you can get rajasthani food

Lets begin our list to rajasthani restaurant in Udaipur, this list not in order and does not include public opinion, these are my personal favourite spots which I am mentioning.

1.      Natraj Hotel Udaipur – best place for rajasthani food in udaipur

Natraj is among the top restaurant in Udaipur which is old and also serves amazing food. They are famous for their thalis which are big in size. They will serve you until you stop them to do so. If you are at Natraj then you will just say “Yumm!!” it is located at Suraj pole in electronics lane. And another branch of this restaurant is located at Udiapole. If you are new in Udaipur then this is a must visit place for food in Udaipur where you can other lip smacking rajasthani food. this restaurant is pretty famous among the local people of udaipur. when you will ask about the reviews from locals they will just tell you to try it out. I am also a local here so this restaurant gets a big thumbs up from me.

You can order dal bati or other rajasthani dishes here too.

Tip – eat their famous thali

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2.      Upre Restaurant

This is a beautiful lakeside restaurant in Udaipur which serves lip smacking rajasthani as well as other cuisines. When you are hanging out in old Udaipur area near jagdish temple then this is the perfect place to be. It is located on lake pichola road, they also serve various beverages which are mind blowing. I personally go for a coffee here. this is a pretty costly restaurant so i would warn you about this point. but the price point comes with a perfect dish and ambience of lake side.

where to eat in udaipur

Pro tip – go there at night time

3.      Amet Haveli Ambrai restaurant – authentic rajasthani restaurant in udaipur

This beautiful restaurant is located just near ambrai ghat. It is also known as ambrai restaurant and it is Dhadak Movie fame. This is among beautiful places to eat in Udaipur where you will get amazingly delicious food while enjoying the scenic beauty of Udaipur. this is a place which you don’t want to miss if you really want to dine out in Udaipur. this is place where you can eat rajasthani food with peace. amet haveli will give you a king size dining experience where you can enjoy the uttermost beauty of udaipur city palace while having a delicious food.

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Pro tip – make advance booking here as it is always booked because it is the most sought after places to eat in udaipur

rajasthani food restaurant udaipur

4.      Gordhan thal

This restaurant is located in city centre at udiapole, it is an authentic rajasthani and gujrati restaurant where you can taste lip smacking daal bati. You can try here various other rajasthani dishes also. It is a pure veg restaurant serving from many years. This is the best place in Udaipur to eat out and satisfy your craving for rajasthani authentic food. we have gone through the full reviews of this restaurant and believe us these reviews are just more than awesome. the trust worthiness of this restaurant in udaipur makes it ideal for visitors and tourists who are looking to try out new dishes.

Tip – order their thali

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5.      Krishna Daal Bati restro

This restaurant is located on gulab bagh road, its interior is awesome. This restaurant has been featured in lot of national and international websites and magazines. So it is obvious to try this place out. They serve pure rajasthani dishes with their special taste. You must visit this restaurant once.

So this was my guide regarding the best place to dine out in Udaipur when you feel like having a rajasthani food/dish. Once you visit these restaurants you will not regret your decision. these are the restaurants in udaipur which serve best in class rajasthani food in udaipur

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  1. Hey Tejas, thank you for sharing this list of best restaurants in udaipur. visiting this city next month. so this list would definitely come in handy. looking forward to trying out some of these delicious rajasthani food.

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