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Earn your first 500$ in 10 days – Real Way to Make Money Online

Genuine way to make money

So you are here because you want to know how you can earn good money in 10 days. I have a good friend named Avinash, he was struggling both mentally and professionally to make money. He wasn’t able to get any job. This was his choice to be miserable, he didn’t want to change. Making money in today’s world is lot easy than you think. You just have to get your ass to work. Avinash met me one day to discuss his problems. I suggested him to get into digital business. I showed him some real ways to earn at least 500$ in 10 days. I personally assure you that these are the real way to make money online.

Today I am writing this guide sitting in my hostel room so that I can help you to get started in internet business and make your first money on internet.

I don’t like complicated things so, this guide is really simple.

If you follow this guide you can easily make money online in short time.

real way to make money online
money making guide

Real way to make money online – make your first 500$ like this

1.      People start piracy website

I am not suggesting you to start it. but I am telling you that people out there are earning lot of money using Pirated website. They start movies download, or song download site where they provide links for movies or songs download. Now these websites are monetized using some ad networks who don’t care about piracy or anything. They just need traffic, some of the network are taboola, adnow etc. this is the most popular way to make money online.

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2.      Become a writer

It is another way to make fast income in 10 days. I was doing this in my initial daysIf you are good at writing and storytelling then you can easily become freelance writer and get work from media companies and website owners. I will suggest you to join fiverr and upload your gig there. After you create a good reputation as a writer, referrals will start coming in and you can make 500$ within 10 days. I will also suggest you to join content writers group on face book so that you can get regular work.

3.      Become a freelancer

 Have you ever heard of freelancers? These are the people you do work on contract basis. If you are good at some work like graphic designing, web designing and coding then you can provide your services to the customer and get a good payout in return. Now the question arises is that how you can get work as a freelancer?

There are some websites where you can register as a freelancer and get projects.

These websites are as follow:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Up work

4.      Start a consulting business

So are you good at consulting? Can you provide people with valuable advices? If yes then this business is for you. You just have to create a good website and blog. Do some local SEO and boom. You will get some clients with whom you can share your advices and make them grow. in recent years this way to make money online became popular.

There are various consulting business like:

  • Health consulting
  • Fitness
  • Website consultant
  • SEO consultant
  • Career consultant

If you are good at consulting business then you can easily make 500$ in no time

5.      Affiliate marketing

This is something which I call a true gem. Learning affiliate marketing takes time, but if you can learn it correctly then you can make millions in a month. There are various guides on affiliate marketing out there. You can google them, as this blog is more about personal development. I cannot mention affiliate marketing guide here. You can earn 500$ within one day if you learn affiliate marketing right.

So what do you think about my short guide. And which way you are going to use in making money online in 10 days? Tell me in comment section.

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