What you should do in Udaipur – An Insider guide to enjoy Lakecity to the fullest

You would have probably heard the phrase “venice of the East” well this term is used for the beautiful city of Udaipur which is located in the southern rajasthan.  if you are here then you would be looking for the things to do in Udaipur.  well you are at luck because I am one of the local folk here.  its my hometown,  in this guide to Udaipur i will be telling you the most amazing places to see in Udaipur and how to enjoy this place to the fullest.  
I have spent my childhood in the streets of Udaipur so if you are coming to Udaipur then I will be the best person to guide you about Udaipur. 

Things to do in Udaipur – Places to visit and Enjoy them. 

well lets start our off beat guide to Udaipur and its places.  

1.      Boating on Lake pichola 

boating in lake pichola - activity

This is the most beautiful lake in Udaipur.  Which is a host for lake palace hotel and famous jag mandir.  you must visit this lake in case you are coming to Udaipur.  You will be amazed by the beauty of this spot.  Another take away from this site is Boating, this is a must do activity in Udaipur.  while taking boat ride you will be provided life jackets and tickets for this ride is also minimum which everyone can afford.  However you can enjoy a quality time on the banks of lake pichola. 

2.      Cold coffee of fatah sagar (FS)

fateh sagar udaipur

Fatah sagar is another vast lake in Udaipur.  if you are looking to do something amazing then try to go to fateh sagar lake on weekends.  You will be amazed by the crowd that gathers there on weekends. While enjoying the scenic views of fatah sagar you can have its famous cold coffee. This is the most sought after activity of locals here.

3.      A must visit place – The city palace

places to see in udaipur

If you are truly looking to explore Udaipur then you must be interested in its heritage and history.  well the city palace of Udaipur stores all the history of Udaipur in its vast campus.  it is the royal palace of Udaipur which was constructed by the maharana of Udaipur.  this is the most sought after place by the tourists in Udaipur.  it stores ancient artifacts and tokens. moreover if you are not interested in museum then you can also enjoy the amazing palace and click photos.  this is the best place to click photos. 

4.      The dharohar show of bagore ki haveli

udaipur activities
bagore ki haveli show – places to visit in udaipur

if you want to experience the amazing locsl culture of rajasthan then this show is for you.  this is one of the best place in Udaipur to see and one of the best things to do in Udaipur.  Bagore ki haveli hosts a beautiful dharohar show in which local artists showcase their performances with rajasthani aroma.  the famous fire dance,  matka dance and kalbeliya dance are performed here. Many tourists especially come to visit the bagore ki haveli dance show.

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5. Singing on Ambrai Ghat –  the best place to visit in Udaipur

ambrai ghat - things to do in udaipur

it is a lovers or couples point which is surrounded by watet on the three sides.  now you can imagine how beautiful this place in Udaipur would be.  if you want to enjoy the most beautiful view of Udaipur then you must visit this place. if you are with a group then you can sing and dance.  this one is best among the things to do in Udaipur. 

6.      Exploring the Monsoon palace

udaipur monsoon palace

monsoon palace is situated around 10 km away from the city. as the name suggests this is place you should visit during monsoon.  however you can visit this place anytime.  it is located at mountain top from where you can see whole Udaipur. the views from this fort are just amazing and mind blowing.  this is a must visit place from my side.  

7.      Bahubali Hills – the wonder of nature in Udaipur

bahubali hills udaipur must visit

This is another treat among the things to do in udaipur, if you want to enjoy the sunset and expanse of nature then this is the perfect place to see in udaipur. bahubali hillis is located 2km away from Badi lake. It consist of a island like structure, in the middle of badi lake you will find the most fascinating hill which is bahubali hills. This is a place you must visit, it is a little offbeat tourist destination in udaipur, but its worth it.

8.      Rooftop restaurants in Udaipur

rooftop restaurants - must do activity in udaipur
roof top restaurant in udaipur

What will be better than a coffee or dinner by the lakeside on the roof top of a well known hotel, with candle light dinner or custom dishes. Yes you can get all that in udaipur, udaipur has a range of world class restaurants and hotels. But its roof top restaurants are quite known due to their elegancy. When you are in udaipur, then having a beautiful dinner by the lakeside is the most important thing that you can do in udaipur. moreover you can find my guide about the best restaurants in udaipur here.

So this is my guide on the best things to do in udaipur. I hope you liked it, what you are going to do in udaipur? tell me in the comment section.

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