Top 5 Books for College Students – Must read books when you are in college

College is the time when we get to know the world in a better way, what if you can know your world even better, what if you can grow your skills? yes when you are in college you can increase your understanding to various subjects other than college subjects. the best activity that can help you to understand any practical thing is by reading book. I generally read a lot of books other than my regular college books. in a year of my reading inception i have come across some books that every college student must read. these books are related to business, philosophy and financial planning which can help you to grow personally and professionally.

the books that i am going to mention here, have helped me a lot in understanding various subjects in a better way. these books which I am going to mention are my personal favourite, these books prepare you for your upcoming life. that’s why these are the must read books for college students. make sure to go through the whole list because these books can change your life.

Top 5 books for college students

here are my suggestions for college students.

Rich Dad Poor dad :-

this is the first book that i read, i just loved this book. Rich dad poor dad is the financial masterpiece. this books not only teach you to plan your finance but also change your perspective about money. this is a perfect book for those who are looking to create wealth in the long run and achieve financial freedom. this book teaches to manage finances in a unique way.

books for college students

Start with Why?

This is a masterpiece by Simon Sinek. sometimes people chase anything or everything without ever realizing why they started chasing after that dream. this book is for those college students who are not sure what they are doing or what they want to achieve or they are running behind after everything without ever knowing WHY.

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The Alchemist

this book describe the story of a young shepherd who travels far in search of treasure. does he get the treasure? of course yes. but this story is not about finding treasure but about how he finds the treasure. this is an incredible story of trusting your guts and fate most importantly the time. this book teaches how patience and persistence pays off. but the biggest message is that, sometime we search for the things far away that are always near us from the beginning. this is the best read novel for college students. that’s why this book is in my list for top books for college students

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The Monk Who sold his Ferrari

this is among one of the most incredible books for college students. if you are in your college years and you haven’t read this book then what are you waiting for?

this book teaches us the meaning of life through 7 steps. these steps are easy to follow. once you will read this book you will thank me I Gurantee that.

this book is a master piece from Robin sharma and one of the best self help book out there for college students as well as other individuals of any age group.

How to Influence People and win friends

this book should have been placed first in the list but don’t worry this list is not ordered. this book is a must read for college students in order to deal with people. sometimes we forget that people are the biggest asset and we should know how to pursue and influence them. those who can win people can win at anything. this book by Dale Carniege shows step by step practical methods to deal with various kind of people and win them. if you haven’t read this book till now, I personally request you to read this book now.

so this is my list of top 5 books for college students. these are the selective books that you must read in order to get some insights over the world and people.

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